Charting Courses and Workshops

The Nurse Practitioner Charting School is the one stop for all charting resources created specifically for nurse practitioners!
charting tips for nurse practitioners

Core 4 Charting Tips

Check out this mini course covering the TOP 4 charting tips all nurse practitioners need to implement! These 4 charting tips will get you the "biggest bang for your buck!"

charting tips for primary care

Charting Tips for Primary Care

This mini course covers 5 charting tips specific to primary care nurse practitioners! These charting tips will help primary care NPs to stay caught up and STOP charting at home!

Learn the tricks and tips to chart accurately and efficiently so you can STOP Charting at home!

Time Management & Charting Tips

Comprehensive course that will teach you the tips and tools to chart accurately and efficiently so you can run on time during your workday, eliminate the overwhelm, leave work on time, and STOP charting at home! 3 hours CEU included!

Billing and Coding for nurse practitioners

Basics of Billing & Coding

Comprehensive course that will teach how to feel confident choosing the correct Evaluation and Management code so you can avoid over coding (and under coding!) ensuring you receive proper insurance reimbursement! 1.5 hours CEU included!

Legal Issues with Charting by Erica D the NP

Legal Issues with Charting

Learn how to prevent a malpractice suit and put your mind at ease regarding legal issues of charting. Exclusive training from a legal nurse consultant included! 1.5 hours CEU included!

Charting tips for nurse practitioners

NP Charting School Bundle

Purchase The NP Charting School Bundle and get the Time Management & Charting Tips Course, the Basics of Billing & Coding, and Legal Issues with Charting Course for a discounted price! 6 hours CEU included!

How to chart as a new grad NP

How to Chart as New Grad NP

Overcome the overwhelm and learn to chart as a new grad nurse practitioner!

stop charting at home membership

STOP Charting Membership!

This all-access membership will get you ALL of the above courses PLUS newly released courses AND group coaching calls with Erica D the NP Charting Coach!