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Tips for finding remote nurse practitioner jobs

remote nurse practitioner jobs

As The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner, I strive to provide those struggling with nurse practitioner burnout a variety of options to overcome their burnout. One of those options may be finding remote nurse practitioner jobs.

Remote nurse practitioner jobs provide multiple benefits including a better work-life balance. Think about the flexibility and increase of time (i.e. no daily commute, no social distractions at the office) may be what you need to overcome nurse practitioner burnout. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of telehealth visits have soared! The improved access to any healthcare provider and the convenience of talking with one is a major benefit of telehealth. Now patients can easily receive care without having to take time off work and sit in a busy waiting room. Telehealth has brought some much needed changes to healthcare and is here to stay!

Finding remote nurse practitioner jobs

But telehealth not the only example of remote nurse practitioner jobs. There are a variety of healthcare related jobs nurse practitioners can chose. For example, legal nurse consultants review medical malpractice cases and do most of their work from home. Many RN and nurse practitioner programs are based online and taught by remote instructors or educators.

Nurse practitioners utilize their expertise and participate in clinical review. They can write health related articles on topics such as health, wellness, and disease management. APRNs can start their own online coaching and consulting business. There are multipe remote nurse practitioner jobs available!

Finding remote work may be difficult for nurse practitioners. NPs may question if remote nurse practitioner jobs are right for them. There may be questions about how to find and land these jobs. What are some examples of these online jobs. How the interview process works for remote nurse practitioner jobs. If a better work-life balance is possible through remote work.

With so many questions, I want to give you expert answers!

Introducing The Remote Nurse!

The Remote Nurse provides resources and a community for nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician associates. The Remote Nurse provides the information to find and land your first (or next) remote job! 

The Remote Nurse was created by Sadie Glisson, RN, after going through her own struggles of finding and a remote job.  She applied for dozens of jobs before she found one that would work for her background and life. Sadie discovered the benefits of working remotely such as creating a better work-life balance.

Resources for finding remote nurse practitioner jobs

The Remote Nurse provides a Remote Nursing Jobs Crash Course to answer FAQs of finding and landing a remote job as well as examples of 20 remote jobs for healthcare providers. The Remote Nurse also offers a membership program to gain early notification to remote jobs, help with resume building, and access to company reviews (you will learn which company best matches your needs)!

Click here to learn more about Remote Nursing Jobs Crash Course and The Remote Nurse Membership! 

If you would like to look at available remote jobs for nurse practitioners, check out The Remote Nurse Job Board! There are currently over 400 remote jobs listed, so check out the link for more information!

Remote jobs for nurse practitioners may not be the right answer for everyone, but if you are looking for a better work-life balance while still being able to make an impact, then consider remote jobs for nurse practitioners.  If you want to stay in healthcare yet find a job that works for you, check out The Remote Nurse for more information and resources!

*Full disclosure, I do receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) if you purchase one of The Remote Nurse’s paid course/membership. This allows me to continue to provide content as The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner!

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