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My kids found out my dirty little secret…

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The other day my kids asked to borrow my laptop to watch a movie.

My oldest is 10-years-old and knows my password, so he logged on and the computer fired up.


And that is when he saw my dirty little secret…… ūü§≠


I had left a few browsers open to projects I was working on, so he saw the tab open to my YouTube channel!!


Now my kids know what YouTube is. They actually spend time on the platform. They love watching videos about cartoons, people building Lego creations, and even watching other kids play with toys (I still don’t understand why they would want to watch other kids playing with their own toys).


So when my son saw the YouTube browser up and a video with my face on it, he asked, “Are you on YouTube?


I couldn’t deny it. lol


It’s not like I am trying to keep the fact that I help nurse practitioners with charting a secret, I just don’t want them to watch all of my YouTube videos about the challenges of being a nurse practitioner! (Luckily they just saw the one video and have not binge watched all the videos on my channel).


But I do want nurse practitioners to know about the FREE charting and time management tips I share on The Nurse Practitioner Charting School YouTube Channel!


Here are a few of the TOP videos so far!

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and sooooo much more!



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So if you are ready to learn the charting and time management tips you need to STOP charting at home, check out my channel!

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