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Helping overwhelmed nurse practitioners improve charting so they can create a better work-life balance and STOP charting at home!

The Nurse Practitioner Charting School

About the School

The Nurse Practitioner Charting School will teach nurse practitioners about time management, time-saving charting tips, and so much more! 

No matter if you are a nurse practitioner student, new grad, or experienced advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), The Nurse Practitioner Charting School can help you chart accurately and efficiently so you can STOP charting at home!

charting tips for nurse practitioners

Charting tips for nurse practitioners

In this free training, Erica D the Nurse Practitioner Charting Coach discusses 4 charting tips to help you STOP charting at home and get your time back!

Erica D the NP

Hi, I’m Erica D the Nurse Practitioner Charting Coach.

I’m a family nurse practitioner and creator of The Nurse Practitioner Charting School!

If you are like me, I received a one 45 minute lesson on documentation in nurse practitioner school. I received very little feedback when it came to charting in clinical.

I knew very little about what should go in a patient’s chart note, how to properly bill and code, and how to cover myself from legal implications.  

Come to find out, documentation is pretty important as a nurse practitioner. 

After starting in my first primary care position, I realized I needed to teach myself how to chart. I’ve spent hours taking classes, reviewing medical guidelines, and reading other providers’ notes. 

As The Nurse Practitioner Charting Coach, I now share all that information with nurse practitioners, so they can chart accurately and efficiently, spending more time doing what they want and less time worrying about their charts. 

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STOP charting at home

Smart Phrases for Nurse Practitioners

Time Management and Charting Tips

STOP Charting at Home Membership

Freed AI

Save time charting with Freed AI

Time Management and Charting Tips

Time Management & Charting Tips Course

Billing and Coding for Nurse Practitioners

Basics of Billing & Coding Course

Legal Issues with Charting

Legal Issues with Charting Course

Get the support, education, and community you need to STOP Charting at Home!

The monthly recurring membership includes:

-Monthly group coaching calls where you can get help from Erica D the NP Charting Coach,

-Monthly charting workshop discussing charting tips (plus access to past topics)

-Access to private Facebook Group with equally burned-out NPs struggling with charting!

This membership will only take you a couple hours but can save you 40-60 hours a months in charting!

Learn more here: STOP Charting at Home Membership

Angela- nurse practitioner
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“I reached out to Erica regarding her charting course (Time Management and Charting Tips Course) after 20 years of struggling to get charts done. I began to make small changes I learned from her. Also implementing other tricks and tools she offered to become a more efficient provider while not sacrificing patient care and satisfaction.”
Raven- nurse practitioner
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“I can't thank you enough. These (Comprehensive List of Smart Phrases) are incredibly helpful, make my charting faster. My phrases are so easily enhanced by your edits, and the long entries are far more concise. So thank you!!!!”
Mel- new grad nurse practitioner
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“As a new-grad NP, this course (Basics of Billing and Coding) was a lifesaver to me. I now have a better sense of the algorithm that guides code selection and feel more confident selecting visit and procedural codes. The course is straight to the point and I have implemented course strategies into my practice."
Charlotte- nurse practitioner
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"The bundle course (Time Management & Charting Tips, Basics of Billing & Coding, Legal Issues with Charting) from THE NP CHARTING, is not only reasonably priced, but has everything I had needed, from time management, legal implications to charting tips and also purchased the smart phrases! Definitely recommend this to any new or experienced NP!"
Sylvia, nurse practitioner
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"I would most definitely recommend coaching with Erica. She’s an excellent listener, provides sound advice and in an NP role herself is in a position to give advice with impartiality."

Smart Phrases for Nurse Practitioners

Gain access to a Jump Start List of easy-to-use Smart/Dot Phrases made specifically for nurse practitioners!

Also learn from The Nurse Practitioner Charting School’s blog page.

The Nurse Practitioner Charting School with Erica D the NP