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The BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024: Freed AI

BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024

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While there are several artificial intelligence (AI) companies breaking into the scene, Freed AI is by far the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024!

In fact, I started using Freed AI in my own practice! I love how much time it saves me (Freed AI writes my chart notes for me!) and love that I can focus more on the patient (instead of having to worry about charting during the patient visit). 

What is Freed AI Medical Scribe?

Freed AI uses voice recognition and natural language processing (NLP) to write your chart notes for you! When you push the “Capture Conversation” button, Freed AI will actively listen to the conversation between the nurse practitioner and the patient. The Freed AI technology will then abstract the important information and populate into a SOAP note format. 

Compared to other AI technology, Freed AI is spot on with cutting out conversational talk and excels at abstracting medical information/spelling. This is why Freed AI is the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024!

Once the SOAP note is completed (takes just a couple minutes), the nurse practitioner can then copy and paste the information into their EHR. This eliminates a need for complex and costly integration into the EHR. Unlike other AI medical scribes, Freed AI allows nurse practitioners to begin using this technology without having to get approval from their clinic manager or waiting for IT to integrate.

Based on the accuracy of information abstracted, self-learning capabilities, and cost effective technology, Freed AI is truly the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024!

Freed AI: BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the benefits of Freed AI and why it is the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024!

1.Affordable AI system. 

Freed AI is a monthly subscription at just $99/month. I also have an affiliate coupon code: NPCHARTING which offers $50 off your first month of Freed AI! Click to learn more!

Freed AI is very cost effective as compared to other companies (for example DeepScribe). With the monthly subscription, you get unlimited charts. This means you can have all your chart notes written for you without being afraid of having to pay more. Don’t hesitate to have your employer pick up the bill since you will be getting your charts signed faster! 

The quality and cost of Freed AI is one of the reasons it is the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024. 

2. Ready to use. 

When I first started looking for the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024, I found a lot of the programs involved a complex integration within the electronic health record (EHR). This caused some obstacles because nurse practitioners would have to beg their clinic manager or boss to make a costly purchase of an AI system. Then they would have to wait for IT to complete a complicated integration.

One of the reasons Freed AI is the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024 is the fact that Freed AI is ready to use. All you need is access to a web browser in the exam room. No need to beg permission from your boss. No need to wait for a complicated EHR integration. Freed AI is ready to use and therefore the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024. 

3. Quick creation of chart note. 

Nurse practitioners will simply push the “Capture Conversation” button to begin to utilize the voice recognition system within this AI system. Once the nurse practitioner is done with the clinic visit, they will push the “End Visit” button. Then the AI populates the information into a SOAP note format.

It takes Freed AI about 1-5 minutes (depending on length of the visit) to have the information available. This is just enough time for me to walk out of the exam room, send any prescriptions, order labs, etc. Then my note is written for me and ready to copy and paste into my EHR. 

One of the pros of using Freed AI is there are no delays or waiting! I spoke with nurse practitioners using different AI systems that have to wait 20-30 minutes for the note to be available. I know some nurse practitioners who work with virtual scribes have a delay as well. This AI system has a quick turnaround time. Which allows nurse practitioners to sign the note right after the patient visit! And this is a reason why Freed AI is the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024. 

Freed AI

4. HIPAA compliant. 

Freed AI is HIPAA compliant. Because Freed AI does not integrate into an EHR, the system does not have any patient identifier information. This makes it a HIPAA complaint system. 

Freed AI also allows nurse practitioners to delete notes after they have completed charting. So if any personal information is said during the visit, the nurse practitioner can delete the chart note. This makes this AI system easy to use without worrying about breaking HIPAA. 

5. Ability to focus on the patient. 

I love that Freed AI allows me to focus my time and attention on my patient! Before using Freed AI, I would bring my computer into the room and try to focus as much of the history of present illness (HPI) while the patient was talking. It was distracting for both me and the patient. However, if I didn’t chart in the room, I would already be behind during the clinic day. 

Once I started using Freed AI, I was amazed how accurately it would abstract the information. This system allowed me to confidently focus on what the patient is saying instead of typing on my computer. Now I can actually listen to the patient and know they appreciate the time and attention I give. I am so thankful I found Freed AI and know it is the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024. 

6. Personalize your note.

Freed AI allows you to personalize your chart notes through the self-learning capabilities. There is a button below each section of the SOAP note labeled “Learn this style.” When the nurse practitioner pushes this button, Freed AI remembers your charting style and preferences. Then Freed AI will use this personalization in future chart notes!

For example, I like to chart with short phrases rather than complete sentences. My history of present illness section looks like this: “Reports earache, sinus pressure, and sore throat. Denies fever, body aches, or chills.” When I started using Freed AI, the system would abstract information and put it into complete sentences. “The patient complains of earache and sinus pressure. They are experiencing a sore throat. The patient does not have any fevers.” 

When I make any edits (changing full sentences to phrases) and push the “Learn this style” button, Freed AI remembers the preferences for future notes. There are still some instances when the information is written out as sentences, but the chart notes are much more streamlined when using the “Learn this style” feature.

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7. Accuracy of chart note.

Compared to other AI technology, Freed AI is far more accurate and efficient. Other systems will fail to capture conversations correctly or will not properly save the chart note. Freed AI does a very good job at abstracting important information and also ensuring adequate medical terminology spelling.

This accuracy is superior to other AI systems and is the reason Freed AI is the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024. 

8. Free trial period

Want to try out the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024? Freed AI offers 10 free visits! This means you can trial Freed AI before signing up or joining the subscription. This is so handy to try out the technology and make sure it will work for your practice.

And when you are ready to use Freed AI full time, make sure to use my affiliate coupon code: NPCHARTING for $50 off your first month!

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9. Saves soooo much time!

Freed AI is a game changer for health care providers! This system saves practitioners so much time charting! When nurse practitioners use Freed AI, they do not have to worry about dictating their chart notes at the end of the day. They do not have to type out all the information until their fingers hurt. They can have their chart notes written for them and stay caught up during the work day!

Just imagine having your charts signed before you leave work on time. Imagine not having to chart on nights or weekends. Imagine spending more time with your family and friends, while doing less charting! 

I encourage healthcare providers to utilize the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024!

Learn more about the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024

The new found technology, affordable price, and accuracy of information prove Freed AI is the BEST AI Medical Scribe in 2024. 

To learn more about Freed AI or to trial the program (Freed AI offers 10 free visits), click the link here. Don’t forget to use my affiliate coupon code: NPCHARTING for $50 off your first month of using Freed AI. 

If you would like a visual of using Freed AI, be sure to check out my YouTube video: How to use Freed AI.

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