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4 cons of using Freed AI Medical Scribe

Cons of using Freed AI

I want to be completely honest with nurse practitioners. While there are many benefits of using Freed AI, I discuss them in this blog article: 7 pros of using Freed AI as nurse practitioners.

However, there are a few obstacles and cons. I have been using Freed AI in my own practice so I wanted to share some of the challenges I have seen. Click to learn more.

What is Freed AI Medical Scribe?

Freed AI is a tool to help nurse practitioners save time charting. Similar to a medical scribe, Freed AI Medical Scribe will abstract important information said in the clinic visit and create it into a chart note. The difference is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, eliminating the need for a human medical scribe to be present. 

Freed AI uses voice recognition to abstract important information said by the patient or the provider. The nurse practitioner can then “copy and paste” the information into their charting system. For example, when a patient is describing their signs and symptoms, Freed AI will take the information and create a Subjective section. Or if a nurse practitioner explains a treatment plan for a certain condition, Freed AI abstracts this information and populates into the Plan of Care section. The nurse practitioner can then copy and paste into their own charting system. 

Basic steps to use Freed AI Medical Scribe.

  1. Use the link here to open Freed AI
  2. You will see the home screen. Click the button “Capture conversation”
  3. Freed AI then abstracts important info said by you and the patient
  4. When completed, click “End visit”
  5. Freed AI will populate the information into a SOAP note format that you can “copy and paste” into your charting system
  6. Past visits will be in the column on the left hand side
Freed AI

Cons of Freed AI

I do want to be honest with nurse practitioners, there are a few challenges of using Freed AI Medical Scribe. We will discuss the cons below. I definitely encourage nurse practitioners to trial Freed AI (they offer 10 free visits) before they make the purchase.

And when a nurse practitioner is ready to subscribe to Freed AI, use coupon code: NPCHARTING for $50 off the first month! Click here to learn more.

Having to edit.

Freed AI is not a perfect system and sometimes nurse practitioners will have to edit the information. Freed AI does very well with abstracting information said by the nurse practitioner or the patient. Freed AI can be used for complex and comprehensive visits and when addressing multiple chronic conditions. However, sometimes in longer visits, the flow of information will be out of order. This is something nurse practitioners need to be aware of and edit any information if necessary.

In order to improve this I am more deliberate when discussing topics. When using Freed AI Medical Scribe I try to be more direct when transitioning to the next chronic condition. For example, I will say “Now let’s talk about your diabetes.” This simple cue helps Freed AI know we will be discussing a different condition and helps the flow of the SOAP note. 

Access to a web browser.

While Freed AI Medical Scribe does not require a complex integration within the electronic health record (EHR), it does require access to a web browser. Nurse practitioners can log on to the Freed AI website through a computer, tablet, smart phone, etc. When the nurse practitioner is ready to utilize Feed AI, they simply push the “capture conversation” button. Then Freed AI will abstract any important information and populate into the chart note. 

This means the nurse practitioner does have to have access to a web browser in order to utilize Freed AI. One nurse practitioner I talked with was hesitant about using the technology because of this. Her clinic had computers set up in each patient room. She was worried she would have to bring in a separate laptop to utilize Freed AI. I explained to her that she could bring in a tablet or smartphone, a smaller device to access a web browser.

Or she could log on to Freed AI on the computer in the exam room. Freed AI Medical Scribe stores the clinic visit so she could always use a different device to access the SOAP note and then copy and paste into the EHR. 

Click here to learn more about Freed AI Medical Scribe.

Make sure to use coupon code: NPCHARTING for $50 off the first month!

Not perfect interpretation.

Freed AI does very well at spelling of medical terminology (love this because spelling is not one of my strengths 🤪). However, there have been a couple times when a medical term was not interpreted correctly. 

For example, a patient said they took their medication Ubrelvy and Freed AI did not correctly abstract the information. It may have been that the patient did not properly articulate the word, but this is something to pay attention to. I do think that Freed AI Medical Scribe is better than other voice recognition systems because it does typically understand medical terminology. 

Use of full sentences.

As The Nurse Practitioner Charting Coach, I suggest nurse practitioners save time charting by using short phrases instead of complete sentences in their charting. For example, I will say “Patient reports sore throat and ear ache. Denies fevers or cough.” One of the cons of using Freed AI is the system populates information into full sentences.

For example, “The patient is experiencing a sore throat and ear ache. The patient is not experiencing any fever or cough.” The use of full sentences is not a big deal and I definitely need to overcome my own perfectionist tendencies when it comes to charting 😬.

One way that Freed AI can improve on using phrases is through the self-learning capabilities. Under each section of the SOAP note, there is a “Learn this style” button nurse practitioners can push. This means that if a nurse practitioner were to edit a section and remove the full sentences and use phrases instead, Freed AI Medical Scribe would remember this.

I tried this out in my own practice and while Freed AI does not shorten every sentence into phrases there are sometimes it does. The nice thing about the self-learning capabilities is the ongoing improvement of charting!

Need more help with Freed AI?

I hope you found this information helpful! As I mentioned, I wanted to be very honest and open about the pros and cons of using Freed AI Medical Scribe. I have found the program helpful in my own practice and I think using AI in healthcare is only going to become more popular. 

I definitely recommend nurse practitioners trial Freed AI- they offer 10 free visits for nurse practitioners to try Freed AI. 

When you are ready to sign up, make sure to use my affiliate coupon code: NPCHARTING for $50 off your first month! Click to learn more!

If you would like a visual of using Freed AI, be sure to check out my YouTube video: How to use Freed AI. Click here to learn more.

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