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7 pros of using Freed AI as a nurse practitioner

7 pros of using Freed AI

With the recent shift of artificial intelligence (AI) technology within healthcare, I wanted to give nurse practitioners some honest feedback. I started using Freed AI Medical Scribe in my own practice and wanted to share the pros and cons of Freed AI!

***I discuss some of the cons in 4 cons of using Freed AI Medical Scribes. Click to read the full article.

While this system is not perfect, it does help me save a lot of time charting and allows me to put my full attention on the patient. This article will discuss some of the pros and cons of Freed AI that I have found in my own practice. I definitely encourage nurse practitioners to try themselves. Freed AI offers 10 free visits for nurse practitioners to see if the program is the right fit for their practice. Click to learn more

What is Freed AI?

Freed AI is a tool to help nurse practitioners save time charting! Similar to a medical scribe, Freed AI will abstract important information said in the clinic visit and create it into a chart note. The difference is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, eliminating the need for a human medical scribe to be present. 

Freed AI uses voice recognition to abstract information said during the clinic visit. Freed AI then uses the information to populate into a SOAP note. For example, when a patient is describing their signs and symptoms, Freed AI will take the information and create a History of Present Illness (HPI) section. Or if a nurse practitioner explains a treatment plan for a certain condition, Freed AI abstracts this information and creates a Plan of Care section. The nurse practitioner can then copy and paste into their own charting system. 

Pros of using Freed AI

Here are just a few of the pros of using Freed AI.

1.Affordable AI system. 

Freed AI is a monthly subscription at just $99/month. I also have an affiliate coupon code: NPCHARTING which offers $50 off your first month of Freed AI! Click to learn more!

Freed AI is really an affordable system. With the monthly subscription, you get unlimited charts. This means you can use the technology without being afraid of having to pay more. Freed AI also offers 10 free charts, so nurse practitioners can always trial it before they make the purchase. 

2. Ready to use. 

When I first started looking into artificial intelligence systems, a lot of the programs involved a complex integration with the electronic health record (EHR). This caused some obstacles because nurse practitioners would have to beg their clinic manager/bosses to make a significant purchase in order to use the AI system. Then they would have to wait for IT to complete a complicated integration.

One of the pros of using Freed AI is that nurse practitioners can begin using the system right away. All they need is access to a web browser. No need to beg permission from your boss. No need to wait for a complicated EHR integration. Freed AI is ready to use!  

3. Immediate creation of chart note. 

Nurse practitioners will simply push the “capture conversation” button to begin to utilize the voice recognition system within this AI system. Once the nurse practitioner is done with the clinic visit, they will push the “end visit” button. Then the AI populates the information into a SOAP note format.

It takes Freed AI about 1-5 minutes (depending on length of the visit) to have the information available. This is just enough time for me to send any prescriptions, order labs, etc.

One of the pros of using Freed AI is there are no delays or waiting! I spoke with nurse practitioners using different AI systems that have to wait 20-30 minutes for the note to be available. I know some nurse practitioners who work with virtual scribes have a delay as well. This AI system has a quick turnaround time. This allows you to “copy and paste” the information into your charting system. Then nurse practitioners can sign the note right after the patient visit (which is my favorite charting tip)! 

Freed AI

4. HIPAA compliant. 

Freed AI is HIPAA compliant. Because Freed AI does not integrate into an EHR, the system does not have any patient identifier information. This makes it a HIPAA complaint system. 

Freed AI also allows nurse practitioners to delete notes after they have completed charting. So if any personal information is said during the visit, the nurse practitioner can delete the visit. This makes this AI system easy to use without worrying about breaking HIPAA. 

5. More time with the patient. 

My favorite pro of using Freed AI is the fact that I can have more time and attention on my patient! I used to bring my computer into the room and focus on charting the history of present illness (HPI) while the patient was talking. Click to learn more.

I would stress about getting the HPI nearly completed for two reasons. Number one, I didn’t want to forget the patient’s signs and symptoms. After you see several patients with upper respiratory illness, Type 2 diabetes, etc. it is hard to remember exactly what the patient’s signs and symptoms were. So that is why I would try to type out the HPI in the room. 

Number two, getting the HPI completed in the room would allow me to input the rest of the information (physical exam, diagnostic tests, assessments, plan of care, etc.) right after the patient visit. This helped me to sign chart notes right after the patient visit and allowed me to stay caught up during the day. 

With this AI system, I am able to do both of these things while also listening to the patient! Freed AI allows you to focus on what the patient is saying instead of typing on your computer! I now feel like I can actually listen to the patient and I know they appreciate me not typing on my computer while they are talking. I love that Freed AI intakes the information while I can focus on the patient. 

6. Self-learning capabilities.

With the technological advances of Freed AI, there are certain features focused on improvement. Freed AI has self-learning capabilities. There is a button below each section of the SOAP note labeled “Learn this style.” When the nurse practitioner switches this on, Freed AI begins to learn your preferences and way of charting and will use this in future notes!

For example, I tend to chart with phrases rather than complete sentences. “Reports sore throat, rhinorrhea, ear ache. Denies fever.” When I started using Freed AI, it would abstract information and put it into complete sentences. “The patient complains of sore throat, rhinorrhea, and ear ache. The patient does not have any fevers.” 

I toggled the personalization button and now Freed AI populates information into phrases. There are still some instances when the information is written out as sentences, but it is a lot more streamlined than before utilizing the “Learn this style!”

***Click here to learn more about how Freed AI can save time charting for nurse practitioners.

7. Saves soooo much time!

With the current shift of AI technology in healthcare, Freed AI will definitely be a game changer for nurse practitioners! I think eventually many of the charting systems will implement some kind of AI technology. As mentioned in the pros of using Freed AI listed above, nurse practitioners can get a head start on utilizing AI technology. 

Not to mention, Freed AI can save nurse practitioners so much time charting! When nurse practitioners use Freed AI, they do not have to worry about dictating their chart notes at the end of the day. They do not have to type out all the information until their fingers hurt. 

Imagine having your charts signed allowing you to leave work on time. Imagine not having to chart on nights or weekends, just trying to catch up. Imagine spending more time with your family and friends, while doing less charting! 

Need more info on Freed AI?

I know the impact and benefits Freed AI will have charting as nurse practitioners. That is why I am so excited to share that with you!

To learn more about Freed AI or to trial the program (Freed AI offers 10 free visits), click the link here. Don’t forget to use my affiliate coupon code: NPCHARTING for $50 off your first month of using Freed AI. 

If you would like a visual of using Freed AI, be sure to check out my YouTube video: How to use Freed AI.

Click here to learn more.

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