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How charting hacks decrease NP burnout

charting hacks

I was recently on the Nurse Keith Show to discuss how charting hacks decrease nurse practitioner burnout!

For those who don’t know Nurse Keith, he is a very compassionate nurse and podcaster! Nurse Keith has been a nurse since 1996 working in a variety of clinical settings. He brings a holistic approach to his nursing care and nurse career coaching business. Nurse Keith has been creating podcasts for years, and I mean many years! I was featured on episode 451! That takes a lot of time and dedication to create that many podcast episodes.

Charting hacks for nurse practitioners

During our episode: How Charting Hacks Decrease NP Burnout and Increase Career Satisfaction, Nurse Keith and I talk a lot about the impacts of excessive charting and work-life imbalance as nurse practitioners.

We discuss the challenges of the modern healthcare system including having to see complex patients in only 15 minute appointments. It is very challenging to address a complex patient in only 15minutes of time! We talk about how these factors can cause the increase and overwhelm and are significant risk factors for nurse practitioner burnout. 

Erica D the Nurse Practitioner Charting Coach discusses some of the charting hacks that can decrease nurse practitioner burnout and actually increase career satisfaction. Erica specializes in helping nurse practitioners improve their charting so they can STOP charting at home!

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Nurse practitioner burnout

During the episode, we also discuss some tips on how to overcome nurse practitioner burnout. We discuss the importance of self-reflection and taking care of our own mental, physical, and emotional needs. 

Nurse Keith and I also give our opinions and thoughts about how the modern healthcare system will shift and the potential opportunities nurse practitioners may be open to! Spoiler alert: I love the shift towards nurse practitioners opening their own practices, breaking free of the rules of corporate medicine, and ultimately providing quality, patient centered care. 

Be sure to check out our podcast episode available on the Health Podcast Network.

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