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Freed AI: This is a game changer for nurse practitioners

Freed AI

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I am sooooo excited to share this new found technology with you!!

When I first heard about the up and coming AI (or artificial intelligence) technology being used to save time charting, I was blown away the the capabilities!

AI systems use voice recognition to pick up on a provider-patient conversation and is smart enough to abstract important information.

The AI system then formulates a chart note.

This technology does the hard work for you!

  • No more typing in the exam room (so you can focus more time and attention on the patient).
  • No more dictating or typing notes after a clinic visit (or at the end of a busy work day).
  • No more staying late at the office or bringing charts home (just trying to catch up)!

I have been on the search for months to find an affordable, easy-to-use AI system for nurse practitioners to use!

The programs I have come across were either very expensive, needed a complicated EHR integration, or was more of a dictation system (rather than having the AI do the hard work for you).

And then I came across Freed AI.

This system has it all!

  • Affordable AI system- just $99/month
  • Ready to use without integrating into charting system– no begging permission from your boss!
  • Immediate creation of chart note, no delays or waiting! This allows you to Copy and Paste so you can sign the note right after the patient visit!
  • HIPAA compliant- No personal information is in the Freed AI system!
  • More time with the patient– Freed AI allows you to focus on what the patient is saying instead of typing on your computer!
  • Self-learning capabilities- Freed AI begins to learn your preferences, common orders, and way of charting!
  • Saves soooo much time– this is a game changer for nurse practitioners!

I use Freed AI in my own practice!

I have become so obsessed with Freed AI that I have begun using it in my own practice!

My favorite part about using Freed AI is that I can give my full time and attention to the patient! Freed AI picks up on conversation between the NP and the patient, so you no longer have to chart in the room!

I have always charted in the room to ensure I get the correct info (what the patient is telling me for the HPI) into the chart note. It also helps me stay caught up and get the charts signed right after the patient encounter.

Even though I tried to use active listening, making eye contact with the patient while typing, etc. I always felt a little disconnected from what the patient was saying. I could tell the patient was hesitant as well, wondering if I was actually listening to them.

With the use of Freed AI, I can now put my full attention on the patient AND get my charts signed right after the patient visit!

Start using Freed AI

I am soooo excited about using Freed AI in my own practice that I wanted to share with you as well!

I have partnered with Freed AI to give you:

$50 off your first month of Freed AI!

Use coupon code: NPCHARTING

Currently, the cost of Freed AI is $99/month.

If you think about the time Freed AI will save you, this is priceless!

For example, if you are a nurse practitioner making $50/hour and you are spending 10-15 extra hours (unpaid time) just trying to catch up on charting, then $99/month is a no brainer!

Freed AI will truly be a game changer for nurse practitioners to save time charting!!

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